Are you looking to launch your career in mechanical or electrical engineering? 

FlySorter is building robotic systems that automate research tasks with fruit flies for biologists in labs. We’ve recently been awarded an SBIR grant from NIH, and we’re looking to accelerate our development by hiring an engineering intern – you! – for a 6 month position, open immediately.

Scientists use fruit flies to study genetics, disease, neuroscience, behavior, and more. Many of their experiments involve tedious & repetitive tasks like moving and sorting flies. FlySorter is automating that work using advanced software and the latest robotic technology. More information about our products and services is available on our website: http://flysorter.com

The grant provides funds to complete a working prototype of our fruit fly sorting system. This includes a dispenser to isolate one fly at a time, an imaging module to gather high resolution pictures, computer vision and machine learning software to classify the fly by sex or eye color, and a sorting module to direct the fly to one of several vials based on the classification.

This is a full-time position lasting 6 months at our office in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, WA.

Here’s what you’ll be doing: 

  • Learning and performing basic fruit fly husbandry to maintain several genetic strains in our lab
  • Conducting lifespan assessment experiments to assess impact of our system on the flies
  • Collecting image data to train machine learning algorithms
  • Building and testing prototypes, including: ordering components online, 3d printing parts, soldering PCBs, assembling mechanical devices, installing and testing device firmware, assessing system performance, proposing design revisions, and documentation.

You should have an aptitude for learning, and (preferably) a college degree in engineering or science. Even better if you have experience with hardware, biology, programming, rapid prototyping, electronics, etc.

Compensation: $19.50/hour 

FlySorter is an equal opportunity employer, and we are looking to build diversity into the fabric of our company from the beginning. Candidates of all backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply by emailing info@flysorter.com with a brief note and resume.