Director of Marketing and Communications

This is a full-time exempt position at DigiPen’s campus in Redmond, WA.
Reports to the Senior Vice President of External Affairs and Student Affairs.



The Director of Marketing and Communications leads a team of marketers and creative professionals who communicate and elevate the DigiPen brand and its subsidiaries across the U.S. and internationally. This includes developing and executing a comprehensive omni-channel marketing plan that supports the vision and mission of the college, contributes to its business objectives, and yields measurable goals for the various activities and departments for which it supports.



●     Direct the marketing and communications strategy for DIT and its affiliated initiatives; oversee the implementation, measurement, and maintenance of on- and offline campaigns in support of that strategy. This includes: lead generation, email marketing, branding, the launch of new programs, and more.

●     Manage Marketing & Communications department staff (budget and operations; monitor use of operational resources throughout the year; provide training, leadership, and professional development opportunities for team members).

●     Oversee design, development, and regular upkeep of all of DigiPen’s public-facing websites and applications; be on-call and available to respond in a timely manner to website issues and other technical problems as they arise.

●     Work with department directors to ensure that we have the marketing & creative resources available to support their planned initiatives and to help meet their annual goals.

●     Create and maintain a culture of data-driven decision-making and ensure that our projects and initiatives have measurable outcomes that can be tied to enrollment and retention goals; review and assess key marketing metrics on a weekly basis, while addressing potential problems early.

●     Monitor DigiPen’s online reputation; periodically assess competitive landscape; stay abreast of trends and benchmark data; and remain current on higher education trends, the game and technology industries, marketing best practices, and customer engagement strategies.

●     Work with international campuses to localize marketing materials and content that meets their needs while upholding the global brand & messaging standards.

●     Conduct market research/analysis for new programs or initiatives, especially in the development of new initiatives and changes to programs.

●     Work with other departments to ensure that all internal and external communications, ads, and publications comply with any relevant regulations; stay aware of web privacy and data protection law and understand the mechanics of all of DigiPen’s websites and applications; help foster the concept of institutional excellence.

●     Maintain a high level of integrity and authenticity in the representation of the college; keep a centralized database of accurate and up-to-date records and documentation (e.g., permission for quotes, use of images, photo waivers, etc.) and regularly train all team members to ensure that these procedures are clear.

●     Administer, manage, and train users on marketing systems, such as the content management systems, form-building tool, game gallery application, and ClickDimensions; develop policies related to these systems and their use.

●     Participate in institute-wide strategic planning and assessment; develop strong working relationships with colleagues throughout organization; serve on cross-departmental committees and encourage team members to be involved in activities and work groups across campus.

●     Other duties as assigned


Minimum qualifications/requirements:

·         Bachelor’s degree and a minimum of five years’ experience in a management-level position in marketing, communications, enrollment management or a related field.

·         A minimum of 3 years of digital and multichannel marketing experience.

·         High level of emotional intelligence and leadership ability.

·         Experience managing creative professionals, including the ability to provide constructive feedback, support and encouragement, and creative freedom.

·         Outstanding writing skills, using correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, editing, formatting, and proofreading.

·         Demonstrated success in using analytical, judgment and problem solving skills to determine needs and arrive at consistently sound conclusions (e.g. Google Analytics proficiency).

·         Expertise with Microsoft Office programs, including Word and Excel and the ability to learn new technology easily.

·         Superior organizational ability and follow through.


●        Master’s degree in marketing or an MBA preferred.

●        Higher education experience preferred but not required.

●        Experience overseeing a major website development project.


Salary and Benefits: Salary and benefits are commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Consideration for the position will begin immediately and will continue until filled.  Interested applicants should submit a cover letter and resume to:

Angela Kugler, Sr. V.P. of Student Affairs and External Affairs by email to: akugler[at]digipen[dot]edu


Our hiring process begins with a phone interview. Applicants offered an in-person interview should complete the DigiPen Institute of Technology Application for Employment.


Diversity, equity, inclusion and academic freedom are priorities of DigiPen Institute of Technology, as DigiPen endorses the goals of affirmative action and equal opportunity employment. The Institute’s intent is to hire the most qualified individuals for faculty and staff, attracting candidates from diverse backgrounds of race and ethnicity, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, socioeconomic status, veteran status, nationality, culture, religion, and physical abilities. We are committed to broadening our candidate pool to include more diverse individuals, and ensuring fairness in hiring by avoiding bias and determining criteria to judge all candidates prior to posting each new position.

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